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Is a boutique consulting company based in Dubai and established in 1989 by the Principal Partner, Andrew Butter. The main focus for ABMC is Tourism and Hotel Consulting.

ABMC provides a broad range of support for governments and private enterprises, from defining strategies through to implementation of destination management infrastructure. ABMC has 30 years’ experience in the Gulf Region in providing tourism solutions, such as major studies for governments to provide tourism recommendations, market positioning and developing strategies for representation in core markets.

ABMC has also developed concepts for tourism, leisure and entertainment attractions for both government and private enterprises.

ABMC also offers comprehensive development of hotels, including strategy plans, qualitative and quantitative market research, highest and best use studies, financial analysis and feasibility studies for a total hotel or individual components of a hotel, along with advice on organizational structure.



Andrew was awarded a Master’s Degree in Natural Science from Cambridge University in 1977 After spending fifteen years working as an engineer, Andrew set up a market research company in Dubai in 1989 specializing in researching requirements for entertainment and leisure concepts, shopping centers, restaurant concepts and conference facilities.

1992 the firm was awarded a contract by the Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board and Emirates Airlines to study the state of tourism in Dubai, evaluate international perceptions of Dubai as a tourism destination, and to make recommendations on strategy for management of development of tourism in Dubai.

In 1996 Andrew was head-hunted by Arthur Andersen Hospitality and Leisure Consulting and worked as an investment analysis for hotel and tourism projects, notably for Kingdom Inc, these studies included market and feasibility studies for conferencing facilities for five-star hotels and the Bahrain International Conference Center.

In 1997 Andrew left Andersen and returned to his research with marketing consulting and management consulting as focal activities. At this time an association with Moore Stephens started, and over the next fifteen years ABMC carried out numerous projects for Moore Stephens in Oman and UAE relating to transportation, tourism and leisure.


Started work with ANSETT Airlines subsequently managed inbound and incentive tourism for Thomas Cook LTD. and Destination Pacific, in Sydney.

In 1988 joined Al Futtaim in Dubai to setup Gulf Ventures, an Inbound and Retail Tour Operation.

In 1991 Gulf Ventures was purchased by Inchcape Middle East and Maryanne was responsible for integrating the company into the Inchcape operation and setting up Gulf Ventures in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Oman.

In 1993 Maryanne joined Dryland Consultants managing the hotel and tourism unit, before rejoining Gulf Ventures which was integrated into the Emirates Organization in 2006, rejoined ABMC as a partner in 2009.

From 2010 to now Marynne has been establishing a number of DMC’s in the region as well as carrying out concept studies for the Abu Dhabi Government, reviewing Etihad inbound operations, establishing a DMC in Georgia and interim management of various DMC’s.

MA in Sociology from Canberra University.


“I did not feel ‘evil’ when I wrote advertisements for Puerto Rico. They helped attract industry and tourists to a country which had been living on the edge of starvation for 400 years”.
David Ogilvy

The market for Tourism is a perfect free market; the only barriers to entry are geography and vision.

Customers have infinite choice; by definition it is a global market with free transport of goods and services across borders. Governments however can play a role by removing road blocks to market access, such as streamlining visas, improving airports and facilitating or attracting investments in infrastructure, by encouraging development of golf courses, marinas, museums, and preserving the environment.

ABMC provides support and solutions for our clients through:

  • Defining strategies
  • Developing strategies
  • Implementation of strategies
  • Developing tourism concepts
  • Feasibility studies
  • Implementation of destination management infrastructure
  • Operational reviews
  • Implementation of reviews
  • Major and minor studies for governments to provide tourism recommendations
  • Market positioning
  • Develop global sales networks
  • Interim management
  • Training & Sales


“I have always thought a hotel ought to offer optional small animals. A cat to sleep on your bed at night, or a dog of some kind to act pleased when you come in. You ever notice how a hotel room feels so lifeless?”
Anne Tyler

Governments can play a role in encouraging development and nurturing growth of critical mass. Although every hotel in a tourism destination competes with each other, the real competition is the hotels in other destinations. The more critical mass, the more collateral infrastructure can be developed by coordinating promotion and branding of the destination.

ABMC offers comprehensive development of hotel projects

  • Writing strategy plans
  • Qualitative and quantitative market research
  • Highest & Best Use studies
  • Financial analysis
  • Feasibility studies for whole projects or components
  • Advice on organizational structure
  • Develop projects up to construction
  • Implementation of construction
  • Hotel management negotiations
  • Valuations of current properties
  • Due diligence

Past Projects

Study of Tourism
The objective was to understand the market potential for tourism in Dubai and make recommendations on best how to unlock that potential.

Camel Polo concept and 3 themed vues concept and development
Feasibility and market study for 3 themed multi use tourism venues. Windtowered House, Sheikhs Hunting Camp and Fishing Village.

Ras al Khaimah
Study to support the re branding for Ras al Khaimah Tourist Authority.

Heritage Experience
Concept study on creating a “Heritage Experience” (including hotel) for Mohd bin Zayed School for Falconry.

Concept for the development strategy for the Shangri-La Hotel in Muscat, and subsequently (five years later), preparing a market and feasibility study to help secure project finance.

Concept and development strategy for the Wave tourism development in Muscat and assistance in finding a 50% Joint Venture partner which enabled the project to go ahead

Concept development of the Al FORSAN International Sports Club as a venue specifically targeting the MICE market (currently 50% of revenues are derived from MICE), and as a venue for international sporting events; this involvement included helping to set up the management of the club and preparing Standard Operating Procedures

Concept development for the 600-key Conrad Hotel in Dubai including strategies for maximizing MICE trade via an innovative outside deck and two capacity 1,500 banquet halls together with a full suite of break-out rooms, involvement also included assistance in securing operators and setting up capability to manage the design and construction of the building.

Market and feasibility study for the Jebel Ali Golf Course and the Muscat Golf Course

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